Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back into Training

So I've now officialy set aside my cute office dresses and have reverted to Sporty Asti. ::sigh:: Actually, once I've put on my kit including the neck bib and gloves I look like a bloody ninja. But I have explained to my client that I'm back in training and the poor things know in far too much detail about my mountain climbing aspirations.

Anyhoo, as of this morning I've gone back to climbing stairs. I was a bit trepidatious about my first 10 story schlep but, as it turned out, it was ok. I still have a fair amount of fitness left over from my prep and completion of Everest Base Camp trek. In actual fact, I was barely puffed after dashing up 10 flights. So I spent my day running up and down stairs betwixt each of my back-to-back meetings.

And the new boots are ok. I'm glad I'm breaking them in as, toward the end of the day, they became a tad uncomfy. They're very well structured so it's important that I start breaking them in now. But wearing them does remind me that I wish I was out of the office and out on the mountains right now. I really wish someone would sponsor me so I could just spend my days climbing and travelling and writing about it.

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