Thursday, 1 March 2012

Brecon Beacons

So I went to visit my compadre in Wales and explored two of the local walks. Day one was following a series  of waterfalls up a stream. I think I'll go back in a few weeks when spring has really set in to photograph again.

The next day we attempted one walk, were confronted with impenetrable fog, gave up and drove to try a different walk with more visibility.

Although only after walking over an hour in The Twilight Zone.

So we walked to Sugarloaf Mountain, the summit of which is obscured by clouds in the photo below. ::shrug::

The wind was fierce at the summit. It felt like it was going to sweep me off into the uncertainty of the clouds.

We then walked along the spine of the Black Mountains for a while.

And slowly descended to farmland.

 Where we were greeted by the signs of early spring.

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