Thursday, 23 August 2012

Deposit Paid

Ugh, so painful. I've just paid the £295 deposit and committed to the trek. Now I really have to get serious about fundraising because it's going to be really stupid if I raise less money than it costs to do this thing.

If you're unsure about what The National Museum of Computing is or why it's so important to support, then please go there this weekend and take a tour. They will be open the entire bank holiday weekend and you'll be able to see for yourself the important work that is done to preserve our computing heritage. For those who have been before, the new Colossus Gallery is not to be missed and the Harwell Dekatron/WITCH rebuild is looking impressive, especially considering that it was no more than a pile of rusty bits (ho ho. Actually that's a lousy joke because it's decimal based) when the project started.

And then don't forget to click through to my JustGiving page to donate.

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