Thursday, 6 September 2012

New Colossus Gallery @TNMOC

So I was up at The National Museum of Computing this evening for a private viewing of the new Colossus Gallery. TBH, I'd already seen it BUT what was interesting is that they have added some monitors with interviews of related notables such as the late, great Tony Sale and extracts from the diary of Tommy Flowers.

I also got to meet my fellow TNMOC trekker, David McLelland. Oh dear, the poor soul is in the same position that I was in last year - never been hiking and never been up-mountain. Nonetheless he looks fairly fit and young and doesn't smoke so surely he'll have an easier time of it than I did (or will). 

Anyway, hopefully I didn't frighten the poor dear off with my tales of misery and woe. I've promised to give advice where needed and invited him to join my hiking group to try to get prepped. ::shrug:: What else can one do?

I also had a good catch-up with Andy Clarke, the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees so hopefully TNMOC will start feeding me more updates that I can pass along here so that folks are more aware of where their donations are going.

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