Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Back Problems

So my back is still not right from the fall in Nepal. And still waiting for a referral from the NHS. :-( I'm tempted to go for private care but how the heck do I know if a chiropractor is good/honest/legit? I confess that my default position is that they are all shysters and I worry that if I walk in as a cash customer, that they'll think "I've got a live one here!".

Useful advice in the comments please!


Broklynite said...

Don't see a damn hippie chiropractor, make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in spine/hip problems. All chiropractors are liars, idiots, or both. They massage your back and "manipulate" (crack) it, that's it. The *best* that they do is treat symptoms. You want the cause determined and treated, see someone who went to actual medical school.

Astrid Byro said...

I think I'll swing by my GP's office tomorrow to ask where the hell my referral is.

T Byro said...

See an Osteopath