Thursday, 24 January 2013

Using JIRA and Confluence to Work From Mt. Everest

Nice blog post about the trek from my one and only corporate sponsor - Atlassian. I think they ought to do a special Angry Nerd shirt for me with the bird wrapped up in a down jacket and hat on top of a peak.

In other news, I have just ordered a Teach Yourself Nepali program. Honestly, I just want to learn some basic vocabulary before I head out there again. Just to be polite, you know?For example, I know some numbers, days of the week, etc. but I need a bit more than that, eh?

And finally, I have bought, received, charged, and will be testing some powercubes. I got a big 8000mAh and a smaller one at 2600mAh. I'm planning to use the bigger one for my kindle and camera and the smaller one for my iPhone. I should almost get 1 full charge for both kindle and iPhone from the big beast and 2 from the small one for the phone if my calculations are correct. I have to say they look dead sexy and I only hope that they work as well as they look!


Brian Hill said...

Hey Astrid, I've done a similar trip to this back in 2003, emailing mates from the worlds highest internet cafe at EBC. Will look forward to keeping tabs on your trip. Do your best to ditch the fags, or the altitude sickness will be a real barrier for you. Keep working on that core strengthening, you'll need it.

You'll be surprised what you can get access to from Namche, but that's about where the connectivity stops unless you've a sat phone. Good luck with the training and prep ! :-)

CEO - Laughing Mind

Brian Hill said...

Forgot to mention, I'm also a long time user of Jira/Confluence as an Atlassian Partner/Expert - go find out more at as well as an experienced Health Professional.

Seeing all this activity about EBC and Atlassian products is getting my blogposting finger twitching, might put up an annotated trip log as a retrospective, think abut how I'd do that trip now if I were in your shoes ;-)

Coincidentally, my company was named as a momento of that trip in 2003, is a constant call to action for practising some of the things I learnt there..

Astrid Byro said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback! Connectivity above Namche has improved and, in season, can be found in most villages up the valley (for a price). I will also have a 3G to wifi converter so as long as I can get a phone signal I should be able to get online. That said, there are certainly stretches of valley without even the benefit of a phone signal.

I've found that the real challenge is not the technology but the willpower to work after hours of trekking and with hypoxia. That's why I arrange for my team to call me at a specific time as it forces me to get online and get my stuff done.