Thursday, 7 March 2013

New Role New Schedule?

Well, while on the one hand I've been busily buying new supplies and tech for the next trip, I've also been frantically job hunting because my project ends at the end of this month.

New supplies have consisted of more base layers from Icebreaker (damn you Sport Pursuit and your awesome sales!!!) plus a new MIFI (portable 3G-> WIFI converter) as well as a powered 10 port USB hub and the inevitable stacks of wet-wipes.

The problem is finding a new client who is sympathetic to my schedule. It's one thing managing a project from the Himalaya once trust and communication have been established but I just don't see where I will have the opportunity to do that in the 3 weeks between my current project ending and leaving for Nepal.

Honestly, I need to have a word with Really Wild about when my deadline is to reschedule. I may have to go at the end of August again rather than in April.  OTOH, if I haven't found something to start at the beginning of April then I may as well just say "Fuck it" and do the trip and just look for projects to kick off mid-May. ::shrug::

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