Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm onboard and we left Hong Kong about 2 hours ago...

Hong Kong is my kinda town. Much like NYC in that it's fast-paced, good
for walking and window shopping (hell, great for REAL shopping!), great
transportation, food, people-watching, etc. Plus, much like NYC, it's a 24
hour burg.

I got a new business wardrobe run up for me over the weekend - 3 skirt
suits and 3 suit dresses plus 10 business shirts for GBP1500. A bit
extravagant but as I'm launching myself back into the corporate side of
the business world, it's sadly necessary.

At 01:45 the port agent met me at the hotel and transferred me to the
ship. The captain now has my passport and yellow fever immunisation
booklet and has threatened to sell me into white slavery if I don't
behave. ;-)He obviously knows the cut of my jib.

So after much offloading of containers and ballast balancing we have left
port. I took plenty of pictures. There was some excitement on the bridge
as we passed an amusement park but I had to sadly inform the crew that
that was not Disney Hong Kong - which would be far more fabulous and have
a flipping castle. Plus I think that Disney HK is the other way from the


William Robertson said...

They threatened you like that? Maybe he said that because you only a free riders right? But that is so scary huh. :)

Astrid Byro said...

Heh, it wasn't a threat, it was a joke. I'm affianced to his chief officer.

Uttam Kumar shrestha said...