Saturday, 26 April 2014

Happy King's Day!

Well, after a long and eventful hiatus (that I'm not particularly at liberty to blog about as I must protect the guilty), I am living in Maastricht. Tomorrow is King's Day (Queen Beatrix having stepped down last year) and the Markt (which is right in front of my window) is being done up for big celebrations. I live in a building that was converted from the old Gemeente Spaarbank so it has high ceilings and big windows.

Old City Hall/Markt - Maastricht

And I've been told there's a massive rave on tonight in the park, so I'm going to head on over there later to check out the music.

But check back soon as I'm planning to do a write-up on how people can help the families of the brave Ice Doctors who died on Everest last week. I have been told that it costs $100/month to send a child to a boarding school in Kathmandu and I personally think that's the best way to help. YMMV. There are also links to other charities that help in the area aggregated at Peter Hillary's page.


wanderingwal said...

Hi welcome back,i used to live just down the road near to a place called Roermond ,Any way back to you what did you end up with using on the hill kindle or I-pad it seens to have got lost in transit as they say cheers.

Astrid Byro said...

Wow, I'm always surprised that anyone reads my drivel! So, I used the iPad BUT really wished I had the mini for weight & size savings. And use it sparingly, milk that battery! Turn off all roaming/push/pull/whatever.

wanderingwal said...
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wanderingwal said...

Thanks for that,and good luck with the new job