Sunday, 18 May 2014

Return to Nepal

That's it. I'm buying our flights to Nepal. Not sure if we'll go to Solo Khumbu or Pokhara (and thus Annapurna Circuit). We can decide that later, like when we're packing or on the flight. ;-)

I'll need to work while I'm there so I'll need access to electricity and connectivity. The connectivity aspect can be handled with my Nepali sims in phone and iPad (as those who regularly read this blog already know) but the summertime means monsoon season and this can and does cause landslides which tend to knock out the electrics.

Right then, tix are booked for outbound on 28/6 and back on 19/7.


wanderingwal said...

looks like a bad day at the office

Astrid Byro said...

Nah, J and I had also looked at going to Norway or Ireland but we both feel the pull of Nepal too strongly to resist. But I think the next big holiday will be Goa for January.