Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunday in Snowdonia

Most folks had crashed early so we were all up with the sparrow's fart on Sunday. We again split into 2 groups  - 1 for a waterfall walk and the other to do another mountain. Nigel, being very familiar with the routes thereabouts, led the second group.

So I went on the waterfall walk which centred around Swallow Falls.

 Sadly a recent restore on my iPhone has deleted a bunch of photos and I'm STILL waiting for folks to post theirs from the day. :-(

Weather was changeable, oscillating between fair and inclement via rain and hail. Inevitably by the time one gets ones weatherproofs on the rin has stopped so I just relied on the quick-dry properties of my clothing.

The walk was very pretty with springtime just beginning to brush the tips of the trees , loads of bluebells and tempting wild garlic flourished in the woods.  The river was in full flow and looked cool and refreshing. Indeed, one of my fellow hikers, while balanced on a large boulder about 1/3 of the way across, became a bit more acquainted with the landscape than he may have wished. Although tempted to snap a pic, I helped the poor man out instead. He was soaked through but thankfully faired better than his camera. And folks were carrying enough spare clothing that he was able to get changed into something dry straight away. Plus our walk ended at Betys-Y-Coed which is chocka with outdoors shops so he was able to get some fresh duds quickly (and on sale).

So by this time it was early afternoon and we decided to go for a cream tea. Although there were a bunch of places there that served afternoon tea, I knew that just a few miles down the road was the picturesque village of  Llanrwst where the is the most darling teahouse in Wales.

Inigo Jones Bridge - 1636

Tu Hwnt i'r Bont Tearoom

It was Sunday afternoon and the tearoom was busy so we put our party on the waiting list and dashed off to the Trefriw Woollen Mill to do a bit of shopping. I bought 2 gorgeous tweeds to have some skirts made.

Anyway it was a nice day out but I do wish I'd gone on the more strenuous hike because I really felt like I didn't get enough exercise over the weekend. Noone's fault but my own of course.

Dinner was a tasty pot roast but I didn't get a chance to try the dessert as I decided to retire rather than get into an argument with someone who had the nerve to give me a hard time over my smoking. 

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