Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here we go again!

I know things have been quiet on this blog for some time. In my defense, things have been crazy with me starting a new job, moving house, and trekking in Transylvania for 10 days. But, more importantly, I haven't been blogging because I've been deeply into planning and finalisation of   :: drumroll::

Asti's Bloody Challenge II !!!

That's right, I'm doing it again and hopefully this time it will be BIGGER and BETTER. "How" I hear you ask, "can a return to EBC possibly be bigger and better than last year's epic adventure?". Well gather around little children, and Aunt Asti will elucidate...

Bigger because we are opening up the challenge for you to join me and better because you can choose to raise money for either Bletchley Park OR The National Museum of Computing.

The plan is to depart next April 24th with me as Team Leader (and Mommy Pro Tem) to do the trek, returning on May 10th (plus there is the option to extend your stay in Nepal to decompress on a 4 day safari). You will have the advantage of my local knowledge and experience as well as advice on fundraising.

Money raised for either charity will be used to purchase laptops to support their education outreach activities. I'll be blogging more about these outreach activities in the coming days but you don't have to wait to donate - My justgiving page is now up and running and operators are standing by. I have a personal goal of £20,000 and am now looking for sponsorship. Potential corporate sponsors can contact me to discuss opportunities such as getting their brand/logo on our shirts, branding the donated laptop(s), etc. and potential trekkers can contact me for further info about the trek, preparedness, logistics, etc.

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