Sunday, 20 March 2011

Let's talk about fitness

You should be aware that I'm not planning to just rock up and expect to be able to do this challenge. A certain amount of physical preparation is necessary. In order to do this trek successfully, I will need to improve my strength, my endurance, and my oxygen uptake.

So how can I do this within my already hectic schedule? Here's the plan...

1. My office is on the 9th floor (10th to Americans). I am now exclusively using the stairs and have worked my way up to ~1500 steps (plus another ~1500 going DOWN which is equally important).

2. Starting next week I will add a backpack with bottles of water for weight to my stairwalking regime.

3. I need to start swimming 3x/week. I'm planning to have a word with the manager of the Sheraton next door to my office to see if they will let me use their pool for my training. I know myself and if I have to schlep to somewhere inconvenient to swim, I won't. Plus, this thing is already expensive enough without tacking on another 5-70 Euros/month for a gym

4. I need to get some practice in during long hikes. I'll have a word with my MP, Simon Hughes, to see if I can use his cottage in Wales for a few weekends so that I can practice on Mt. Snowdon. The goal would be to do the long route which is about 10 hours twice over a weekend but I'll start off on an easier route.

5. I'll have to quit smoking again. ::sigh:: I haven't picked my quit date yet but I'm thinking some time in either June or July.

I know that all of this sounds woefully inadequate, but I honestly can't see anything else that I can do to prepare. I'll just have to hope that it's enough!

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