Saturday, 19 March 2011

My next bright idea

So as I'm looking into trekking companies, I notice that several of them offer fund-raising options for charity. This, I thought, is a brilliant idea. It means that I can reduce the cost to do this (which is not inconsiderable ~£2k!) and do a good deed. The way it works is that I kick in about £350 and make up the rest via fund-raising and must also raise at least the equivalent in donations.

This is especially important as it's probably going to cost about £1000 just to buy the equipment and cover incidentals like tips.

The problem is that the trekking companies I've found who do this do not offer a trek in August. So I need to set something up. I've spoken to Kelsey at Bletchley Park who is, of course, very supportive and already knows me from my other fund-raising activities for Bletchley but needs to fnd out how this would work as far as Gift Aid is concerned. I think that if we follow the rules I outlined above then we should be ok and the costs to do the trek would be treated as any other costs for a fundraiser.

As soon as we know then I'll book a trek and get the Just Giving page set up.

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