Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Press Release

It's hard to know what to post today. Suddenly everything has been happening at once but I think the priority today should be to post the press release. So here it is...



Bletchley Park Climbs to New Heights
Astrid Byro Climbs to Everest Base Camp
Raising Funds For Bletchley Park
What could motivate a self-confessed “over-the-hill, overweight, out-of-shape, 30-a-day smoker” to attempt an assault on Everest Base Camp? Independent Bletchley Park supporter Astrid Byro thinks raising money for Bletchley Park is the answer to that question.
Astrid, who has previously helped Bletchley Park by organising annual fundraising conferences, is now embarking on a much more personal campaign. On 16 August she will attempt a gruelling 8 day trek to Everest Base Camp.
CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust Simon Greenish said, "This incredible challenge Astrid is embarking upon in aid of Bletchley Park is absolutely wonderful.  Over the last few years we have had a great level of public support by so many committed people who have so generously given their time and energy in order to help us develop however I think this particular exploit is possibly the most unusual! We are enormously grateful to Astrid for her dedication to help Bletchley Park and I very much look forward to seeing her progress."
Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world at 8,848 metres and the base camp is an amazing 5,545 metres above sea level, which is more than four times the height of the UK’s tallest mountain Ben Nevis. As Astrid says, “You must understand the context of this endeavour. I'm afraid of heights and this will challenge my fears on a daily basis with multiple crossings of rickety bridges across torrential gorges. In addition, I will be doing this at the end of monsoon season so there is the ever-present danger of flash floods as well as the menace of leeches. I hate leeches.”
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Astrid has not only set a tough climbing challenge but has also set her fundraising target at £50,000. She is hoping to achieve this target by donations as well as corporate sponsorship so if you would like a photo of your corporate logo flag flying at Base Camp, want her to wear sponsored logo clothing, or you have a stunt in mind, she’s open to negotiation. Astrid adds, “If Jimmy Choo want a picture of me wearing some strappy heels at Base Camp, I'm game. But I get to keep the heels!”
You can follow Astrid’s progress on her blog as she pursues her training programme, at and you can support her by making a donation at .
If you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Kelsey Griffin, Director of Museum Operations, Bletchley Park Trust,
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