Friday, 27 January 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts. We had some difficulty with phone connections once Asti got into the mountains due to lack of signal, occasional lack of electricity, and the solar storm. We were able to exchange texts.

On the 25th, having done a lot of trekking, Asti was heading back to civilization with a 4 hour trek back to the last village and a session in the hammam. About 7 pm she surprised me with a text that she had worked some magic and kept on trekking to arrive back in Marrakesh a day early. She managed to stop off at a Berber women's collective on the way and bought argan oil.
Yesterday, the 26th back to the Souk and other interesting places in Marrakesh.
This morning we texted packing details and stuff.
Asti's return flight is due into Heathrow at 5:55 pm. Alan & I will be meeting her at Arrivals and driving her home.

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