Thursday, 19 January 2012

Weather in Toubkal - Late January

So I'm off to Morocco Friday morning and in order to do my final packing I looked at the weather. O.M.G. I confess that I'd figured there would be snow on the summit but never dreamt I would be dealing with such consistently cold temperatures. 

Now I'm really glad I bought extra cold weather gear on Sunday because now I can see that I'm really going to need it.

Oh, just an FYI: There will not be internet connectivity so I've spoken to my mother Barb and she will try to call me at 7pm every day. That way I can give her a verbal report so she can update the blog (and know that I'm safe), and I will post my pics and write-up when I get back. This will just have to be the way of it until I get a satellite phone I think.

I've also checked the UK Foreign Office website to check the current state of affairs and registered with the US Travel Office so that they know that I'm travelling.

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