Sunday, 14 October 2012

Berkhamsted - Hemel Hempsted

Did an enjoyable little hike yesterday comprised of a circular hike around Berkhamsted in the morning then lunch and a walk along the canal to Hemel Hempsted in the afternoon.

We met at Euston @8:30am yesterday for the trip to Berkhamsted. I'm really enjoying London-Hikers for the variety of walks, the frequency of the walks and the dedication of the membership. Also the membership are fairly dedicated and so at this point there are always people on the walks that I have met on previous walks as well as nice new people to meet. Perfect, right?

Anyway, I was surprised at how good the circualr walk in Berkhamsted was. I'm not entirely  unfamiliar with the area becuse my ex-in-laws live ther and in fact we walked right past their home but I'd had no idea that there are good rambles just behind their house. There were cute little donkeys, spotted pigs, horsies, and interesting flora.

We finished uo walking along Berkhamsted Common

to Berkhamsted Castle

Which is rather near and dear to my heart due to its association with Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. A nice addition to the walk was a historic presentation by one of the hikers at the castle. I bit my tongue because I was anxious to contribute my bit but perhaos next time I'll work with the other hikers to assemble a more complete story.

Lunch was at The Boat on the canal in Berkhamsted. Not a bad pub and they get extra points for having a very friendly Maine Coon.

We then had a good long stroll along the Grand Junction Canal to Hemel Hempsted.

Next lot of pics from Tunde @ London-Hikers

So, a very enjoyable though sedate hike. Nonetheless I managed to do something to my left knee and am having trouble bending it. I'm tempted to hobble my way down to the pharmacist today for a consultation as I've never had it feel this way before.

Still, one of the Anias was on the walk and while we were discussing Nepal and our fitness, or lack thereof, for the upcoming trek she came up with such a blindingly brilliant idea for prep. And here it is: Greenwich Hill. The hill up to the Greenwich Observatory is really fucking steep - we need to use that for training. Genius! It's only a few blocks from my house and she only lives the next stop away from me so we can do this in company. Ania, just let me know when is convenient! Let me tell you, even 1 ascent of this fucker will hurt your average punter. One hour of this would be far beyond that. So, that's the plan children. Anyone want to join?

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