Sunday, 7 October 2012

Packing for Gokyo Ri

When planning what to pack for Gokyo Ri I have been determined to go very light and minimalist. Which is probably wise as I have now been informed that we are restricted to 20 kilos, 10 for the daypack and 10 to be carried by the porter (although some of us gals have been kicking around the idea of chipping in together to hire an extra porter).

Generally I plan to bring 1 outfit for Kathmandu to stay checked at the hotel. For the trail I will have 3 outfits so that at each place where I shower on the way up I can leave my dirty clothes to be laundered. That way as I come back down I can shower and change into clean clothes. And although I will generally be sleeping in my smelly sweaty clothes from the day I will bring pyjamas to wear on the nights when I've been lucky enough to get a shower.

Other than clothing I'll bring a light sleeping bag, toiletries (decanted into small travel containers), microfibre towel, wind-up flashlight, water pouches with chlorine tablets and citrus tablets, 1 set of layers, ski goggles, flipflops,

So I've gathered up my mountain stuff and I'm going to go through it thoroughly and organise it so that I have a view of exactly what I've got. Only then can I go through it again and assemble my kit for Gokyo Ri and establish whether there are any gaps in the list so that when I go to Decathlon on Wednesday with The Anias I will know what, if anything, I need.

 But right now it's all a jumble and I find myself buying things that I already have simply because that's easier than actually finding anything. Anyway, once I've organised all my stuff I will pick and pack my bags for Nepal. Then I will weigh the bag(s) and determine whether I need an extra porter but I suspect I'll be able to stick to within the 20 kilo restriction. It's actually good to do that and then have room left in the bags for the inevitable shopping. :-D

I promise that when I've finalised my kit list I will post it here.

On the fund-raising front we are up to £857 which, if you include Gift Aid, means that we have cracked the first £1,000! Now I'm really concentrating my efforts on getting some corporate sponsorship.If you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities or have a lead/contact that I could use then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via Stephen Fleming at The National Museum of Computing.

And don't forget, ALL proceeds go to The National Museum of Computing.

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