Sunday, 14 October 2012

Everest Prep - Isle of Skye

I've just booked a long weekend fell walking on the Isle of Skye. It's 3 weeks before we leave for Nepal for the TNMOC Trek to Everest Base Camp and I'm praying that this will help to whip me into shape as I'm sure most of the goodness gleaned from the Gokyo Ri trek will have worn off by then. :-(

Anyway I sorta lucked out because I still had my easyjet flights for the EMC Momentum conference in Vienna that I'm now not going to as it clashed with Nepal so I was able to change the flights for a small charge (at least a smaller charge than buying new tickets. easyjet doesn't do favours, even for charity). 

And I have 1 bag booked for the hold so I'll be able to buy a few good bottles of whiskey while I'm up there which ought to mollify my poor, long-suffering boyfriend. Sorry honey-bunny, that's yet another weekend I shan't be home. 

But enough about me - please justify my pain, donate to TNMOC. It's very easy, there's a button just on the right of this post and ALL proceeds go to TNMOC!!!


PhilHibbs said...

I'd like to apologise once again for the flippant and presumptve reply that I made on Russel's G+ post. I once considered joining in a charity walk along the Great Wall of China, but I found that the organization were taking a chunk of the donation money (a larger chunk than I could afford to cover myself at the time) to cover costs and I thought that that made it just a holiday that my friends would be subsidising. Then, a colleague got me to sponsor him to do the London Marathon, and then changed his charity because he "got a better deal". Clearly that is not the kind of thing that you are engaging in and I am sorry that I jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

Astrid Byro said...

No worries Phil. You raised valid concerns which was a good thing as I realised that I need to make the point that I'm paying my way (and then some!).