Sunday, 4 September 2011

Deboche to Pheriche

At this point we're on Day 5 of actually trekking if you're still counting. I know that by this point, I was having trouble keeping track of which day of the week it was.

As mentioned in the previous post, Deboche is in the bottom of a valley filled with rhododendron forest. Sorry that the following pic is sideways but, although I can get it to rotate on my machine, it just will not rotate in this screen.

As we climbed out of the valley, the landscape really started to change.

And alpine flowers began to appear. In some places it was a true millefleur and ever so lovely. I also noticed that the bumblebees appeared to have pink bottoms. Is it an adaptation to the high UV? I wish I knew!

And finally pulled in to the home stretch to Pheriche and a well deserved rest day.

We would be staying at The Pumori Lodge - primarily I hope because it was the only place open this early in the season. Otherwise I would DEFINITELY recommend staying at The Himalayan Hotel which looked far far nicer.

The Pumori might be nicer in the high season but I can't imagine it. This place seemed grim. There were no working lights outside of the common room. Not even in the filthy and smelly toilet. I ended up going to sleep at 7:30 pm because the place was so awful and sleep was the only way to escape.

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