Saturday, 10 September 2011

Final Day - Namche to Lukla

Before I left Namche I made it my business to get to the konditorei when it opened at 6am so that I could get a decent cup of coffee to fuel me for the morning and a final look at the town. I confess that I'd become quite fond of the place.

So I took a few last phhotos including one of them baking for the day and then hit the trail again.

I was so relieved that this was the last day. Apart from general exhaustion, I'd taken a nasty fall the day before and injured my knee. On top of that, I'd got some rather nasty blisters on my inner thighs where the tendon meets the gusset of my undies so any movement was agonising. I'd had enough. I even considered renting or even buying a damned horse for the final day but didn't because a) those awful blisters, and b) I've never actually been on a horse.

Luckily I had some very strong painkillers. :-) I eventually took 3 of the things because the pain was just that bad.

Even with the pain and the exhaustion I would not stop until I was back at Lukla. I even outwalked the sherpas. They'd stop for a break and I'd say, "That's ok boys, you can catch up to me later." and I'd keep walking. I think they were somewhat nonplussed.

But at last I'd done it. I was back in Lukla and could rest at last.

Rather than stay at the Tara Lodge which was covered by my package deal, I checked in at the Sunny Gardens where Guy and Emma were staying. There I paid less than £10 for a lovely room with the most comfortable mattress I'd had in 2 weeks and a nice en suite bathroom with a shower with hot water AND an outlet so I could charge my phone and such AND an awesome dinner (I recommend the veggie burger and chips) for less than £10 altogether. I deffo endorse staying here.

So I got the room next to Guy and Emma and we stayed up late chatting and smoking until the moth bombardment became too much so we retired before they all annihilated themselves on our candle.

Just as well really because I had to be at Lukla Airport at 6am for my flight back to Kathmandu.

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