Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pheriche Rest Day

As usual I was up at dawn so I quietly sat outside and just watched the sunrise on the mountains.

As you can see, my suspicion about the monsoon bore out and we had a beautiful day.

I was also joined by a yak. Yaks are usually rather frightening to me (not that I'd had much experience prior to this). But I think you'll agree that this yak was after scritches. He or she kinda circled around and got to about 10 feet away from me when my porter came out and chased it away.

After a horrid breakfast (good thing I brought that bread from Namche). The only thing I could bring myself from the kitchen at the Pumori was hardboiled eggs and dry toast from my loaf. It seemed safest.

After breakfast we scrambled up the ridge above the lodge which took us to exactly 5000m.

It was lovely up on that ridge.

Anyway, after I got back down I managed to get a hot shower. I was so glad to scrub off the sweat of the previous few days and get into some clean clothes! I cleverly left clothes to be laundered in the stream so that when I got back from Base Camp there would be something clean to get into.

I honestly felt that I could have hiked up to the next village that day so was actually glad to get the rest day over. Especially because the next day would be my birthday. :-)

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