Saturday, 10 September 2011

The loooong road to Namche

Another early start saw us leaving Pheriche for the long hike back to Namche via lunch at the Paradise Lodge in Deboche.

Along the way we began to pass yak trains of supplies headed up the valley in preparation for onset of the high season.

It was so nice to return below the tree line, back to true vegetation. Some places were so lovely that they looked like Arthur Rackham's work. I bored my guide with tales of dryads and naiads.

After a horrendous imitation of a pizza (with nak cheese of curse) at Deboche that I snuck to a stray dog, we were back on the trail. Next stop of note was the monastery at Tengboche where the monks were still in their meditation period. That was fine by me though as I had my eyes on the prize of getting back to Namche.

And it was such a terribly long way. Another 11 hour hiking day.

It took so long in fact that I came my closest to throwing a tantrum. I rounded a corner at one point, saw the next mountain that I woul have to climb, and slammed my walking sticks down before I took a breath and then carried on. More freaking yaks blocking the trail didn't help.

I also saw a Monal which is the national bird of Nepal.

We finally got to Namche around 5pm and I treated myself to a yak steak and a few beers before I crashed. I did manage to summon enough energy to do a spot of shopping though and haggled for a few yak wool shawls. I must not have haggled too well though as the shopkeeper threw in a pair of baby booties that I'd picked out for free and added in some packs of tissues. I can't have overpaid by too much though as they worked out to under £5 each so I'm not fussed.

Anyhoo, I went back to the hotel and called it a particularly early night after a huge beetle flew at me while I sat outside and smoked.

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