Monday, 8 August 2011

First Aid Kit for Trekking

So I have finished assembling my first aid kit.

In addition t the medications that I listed the other day, I also have:

latex gloves
blister pads
pressure bandages
a pressure tube for knee or ankle
small surgical scissors
needle & suture thread
antiseptic wipes

When I went to the doctor today (£187!!!) to get the prescriptions, he was surprised and pleased with my medications list. Apparently, with an office out at Canary Wharf, he gets people who climb fairly often but they usually just want a scrip for Diamox. He felt that the assembly of this medical kit was a really good idea and that he wished more people would do this. He said that if more people were this well prepared than a lot of misery could be avoided.

So you might think that I'm a bit of a nutter with the planning and preparation BUT this trek will take me far from normal infrastructure and I'd rather have a little bag of self-help with me.

Another thing that I've been careful to do is to retain the packaging for all prescription medications as well as all instructions for them in case there's any problem with customs. I also have a small booklet on emergency first aid.

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