Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lukla Part Deux and walk to Mongju

So, after my last post I explored Lukla bit further, checking out the market (even I was challenged to find anything I wanted to buy), the local lama school and the primary school. There I met Guy and Emma from Bath who were setting up a computer room for the kiddiewinks but challenged to get the PCs up and running with all the moisture.

I also sent off postcards which, if they arrive at all, will take several months. ::grin::

Finally back to the lodge for a dhal bhat dinner and thence to bed. Which was awful and freaky. I was the only trekker so the only person in the guest lodge. After a certain time the electrics ae turned off so if you want to pee or have a crafty cig in the middle of the night you have to do it by flashlight. Which attracts the bugs. Ugh.

I was ready on time for our 9am kick-off. What followed was utter utter misery. It was chuckking down with rain and I had on way too manu layers covered with bloody waterproof salopettes AND a blooming poncho. Yeah it kept the rain off but I was still soaked through from my sweat! I just could not shed my heat so finally I said screw it and took off the poncho. Then that wasn't enough so I took off my jacket and then further my top layer so I was down to bra and under shirt on top. Which scandalised my guide but I told him it would be a bigger scandal if his client died from the heat.

After 3 hours of gruelling labour we stopped for lunch in Phakding (no sniggering in the back!). Blessed relief! To tell the truth, it's not the climbing/trekking so much (although that IS pretty tough) but the backpack that's the killer. After lunch they took pity on me and relieved me of said bastard backpack and I was able to complete the final 3 hours of torture. The only thing that got me through it was teh thought of a cigarette at the end. And, of course, Bletchley. ;-)

So we spent the night in Mongju (2850m alt.) where I had a warm shower. Bliss! But I couldn't eat any dinner. I was feeling out of sorts and felt a headache coming on. Although I went to bed, I just couldn't shake the pain and at 10:30pm I finally admitted to myself that I had mountain sickness so took a Diamox and a few hours later the pain was manageable enough that I could sleep.

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