Monday, 22 August 2011

No views today, cloudy and rainy; but the climb was so steep and demanding it would have been a nightmare in the sun. On the other hand, Asti reports she spotted native wildlife today, a Himalayan Tahr - a relative of the wild goat and Musk Deer, a species more primitive and possibly ancestral to deer, most notable for their enlarged upper canine teeth, forming sabre-like tusks. Hopefully her photos will come out well. (The photo below is just for show because those sabre tusks have to be seen.)

Reaching Thyangboche earlier in the day, she discovered that the famous monastery there was closed to the public until mid-Sept for some sort of Buddhist monk retreat. She peeped in the entrance.
Tonight she's in a tea house at 3750m/12,303ft altitude. When we spoke she was waiting for dinner - 2 boiled eggs and roasted potatoes - no yak butter need be applied.

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