Monday, 15 August 2011


This blog post title is dedicated to my little bro' Andrew. Love ya kiddo!

Well I've been running around like a blue-arsed fly today. Apart from doing handover to my team so that, hopefully, everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing while I'm away, I've also run to the dentist to get my teeth checked, got my snacks for the trip, got my watch, and repacked the rucksack.

WRT yesterday's post, I give you the list of food supplies...

1. 3 tubes of homemade cookies
2. 20 sachets - instant arizona iced green tea w/ginseng  for boring old water
3. 18 Eat Natural GORP Bars
4. 250g - marrons glace
5. 14 sachets - instant hot chocolate mix
6. 1 bag mini-marchmallows
7. 20 sachets instant oatmeal
8. 2x450g - squeezy condensed milk for tea and oatmeal (to avoid yak milk)
9. 1 kilo GORP
10. 800g chocolate covered raisins
11. 500g dried apricots
12. 20 snack size snickers

I've also switched over from my regular jewelry to inexpensive jewelry. AND learned how to run my new watch with altimeter. 88 bloody pages of reference manual that was!

I also invested in 2 dynamo flashlights and a few more pairs of socks.

And my honey-bunny brought home a going away gift for me. A lovely little passport cover from Aspinal. Squee!

Right then, now to organise the daypack.