Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Weather in Nepal - Mid August

I've just realised that the trip is close enough that the weather reports will cover he beginning of my trip. Yay! So I've checked the forecast and it looks like, as I predicted \o/ , the monsoon will be tapering off when I arrive. It will be down to only 50% chance for rain and I'll take those odds. 

Really. If it rains for an hour or two or three, do I care? Nah. I'll just pull up my big girlie nickers, slap on my rain hat, and carry on.

I'll tell you the truth my friends, I actually look forward to it. How neat will it be to walk through the streets of Kathmandu in the monsoon?

The interesting thing is that it's the very north of the monsoon so while it rains a great deal, it's not actually hot. The forecast says it will run about 76F (which I think is a bit over 24C) which isn't bad at all. Of course the temperature will drop as I gain altitude so what I'm really interested in is the weather in Lukla (where I will land in the mountains), Namche Bazaar (last certain internet connection) and of course Everest Base Camp. 

Base Camp at the moment is running -24C, snowing, and 35cm of snow is expected between now and Friday. Glad I bought those foot warmers to put in my boots!

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