Thursday, 18 August 2011

Greetings from Sunny Lukla!

Everything has been smooth so far. Was met at the airport and transported to the Hotel Manaslu to dump my fear then went walking through the Thamel district. I'm gonna have to do a load of shopping there on the way back. Jewels, pashminas, yak wool shawls, it's all gorgeous. Had a fab dinner at the Nepali Chola with lots of singing and dancing but called it an early night and was tucked up by 9pm for my 4am wakeup.

Good thing too! We got to the airport and were checked in before 6am for a 6:45 flight BUT they don't stick to scheduled like that here. They had a full complement and a weather window so at 6:15 we were in the air in a tiny little twin otter plane. Apparently there have been no flights to or from Lukla for the last 5 days and ours was the only flight that has made it so far today.

So, the flight was actuially pretty good. Amazing glimpses of the landscape betwixt the clouds. I didn't whimper or gasp even once and didn't tale any xanax. ;-)

I've dropped my bags at the lodge run by my guides family, made lifelong friends with their dog (who is the cutest little thing - like  a mini-house-yak). I called him a little booboo in the baby talk that I reserve for cute little doggies and have now learned that booboo is the local word for breast. ::blush::

Downer in that I have zero connection on phone or wifi/kindle. I'm going to send the phone number for my guide (who is on a different network) to my mother so that she can take my daily blog updates when I'm away from the internet.

Toodle Pip!

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