Friday, 19 August 2011

Off on the Road to Everest (wasn't that a Bob Hope movie?)

Of course not but it should have been.

First day's trek.
Hours of strenuous walking uphill (not backwards, not in high heels; that's next trip with corporate support). The summer temperatures on the lower slopes combined with exertions of walking uphill left Asti broiling and she had to shed layers of outerwear for relief. No worries, temps will rapidly drop with the rise in altitude.

When I spoke with Asti a few minutes ago they had reached shelter for the night and were relaxing before bed. Since they try to get a very early start to each day and the trek is so exhausting, bedtime is usually around 7:30pm. The home-made cookies (oatmeal peanut butter with rum soaked raisins and dark choc chips) carefully carried from London were a hit with the Guide and Porter as well as Asti.

Asti said the most striking scenery of the day's trek were the many waterfalls; they were particularly dramatic due to the continuous heavy rain the past week. However, the rain had other sadder consequences - landslides. Reportedly 6 people died in the landslides and as they climbed they had to walk past the crushed houses still covered with tons of dirt and boulders.

On a happier note, Asti said they're taking lots of photos and will reach Namche Bazaar tomorrow where she should get her first clear, close up view of Everest.

Asti sends her love to family and friends.

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