Tuesday, 9 August 2011

T-7 Days and counting!

It's the final week of countdown before I head off to do this thing!  And I now have my new passport thanks to a miserable day at the Passport office. At least I was able to bring my laptop and work from the St. George Tavern and the charming barman was kind enough to produce an impromptu ale tasting so I could decide what I would like to drink. I reccommend The Young Rev.

And on the topic of beer, there' a change to the plans for the leaving drinks as I have learned that The George is closed for renovations. ::sigh::  So instead we will be convening at The Mayflower !!! I suppose that it's appropriate as it's the place where the pilgrim fathers convened before they so rashly threw themselves at a foreign land. I just hope that I'm a bit more prepared than they were.

Anyway so it's the same date and time (August 13th from 6pm onwards) but at the new location. All sponsors are very welcome to come and raise a glass. And if you haven't sponsored me yet, it's not too late! http://www.justgiving.com/Astrid-Byro

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T Byro said...

I cannot imagine a better ale than the Green king as served at the Mayflower