Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Final beta testing

OK so we have confirmed that it is possible for someone to call me and then patch me on for the orning meetings. Clare ran the meeting this morning and Pam ran the board with only the teensiest of prompts from me.

The only problem is that the Hard Token issued to me just isn't working. This could be a crisis as without it I won't be able to access my work email and a vital component of my plan to work remotely goes down the pan.

UPDATE: Got the hard token to work at last! It took a stroll to the helpdesk to actually loom menacingly over someone but it was worth it as I can now check my email remotely. Excelsior!

So right now I'm assembling all of my tech and making sure it's all fully charged. Matching converters. Making sure I have all the right attachments. And Pam has been a star and lent me an unlocked phone so I can have one with Nepali SIM and my iPhone with UK SIM. I just need to remember to try to keep everythng charged when possible and to keep the wifi and bluetooth turned off as they just suck up all the juice.

Dare I say that I begin to have hope again that this mad plan may actually work?

Anyway will generally be off comms until I get to Kathmandu. My glight to Mumbai leaves Heathrow at 10am so I'll be up crazy early and my poor mom will pick me up to ferry me to the airport for a 7am check-in. I plan to try to stay up late watching the American election so it'll be easier to sleep on the 9 hour flight to India. And I've found the smoking lounges at Mumbai airport so that's alright for my 9 hour layover.

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