Thursday, 1 November 2012

Managing from the Mountaintop - Planning Handover

So I'm beginning to reach the panic point. I've been doing as much planning and risk mitigation as I think I can but the reality is starting to hit. Cause listen folks, this shit is gonna be hard.

I had a session today to explain my planning and processes for connectivity to upper management.

1. We've come up with a way for me to be called and then patched in to the morning standups. This will be cheaper and use less juice than skyping in via kindle.

2. I've added all the conference numbers to my skype account anyway

3. I've decided to bring my Macbook Air in addition to my kindle because it's hard to do any actual computing or labour intensive work on the kindle. I know, I'm a wuss

4. I've ordered a bluetooth headset to ease being on the phone while on laptop or kindle

5. I may get a second handset so that I have one for UK number and 1 for Nepali number

6. I've tested the RSA hard token to access my company's internal systems. Good thing because I need to get my password reset because of the switch from soft to hard token.

7. I will train Pam to run the Jira board and Clare will run the actual morning meetings. This is because, while I will be dialled in I may not be in a position to get wifi. I think it's better to set things up this way than to hope for the best.

8. I will produce a series of training recordings so that people can refer to them instead of me for the new functionality that has been created

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