Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Namche Bazar

So I think I left off shortly after my rather messianic entry to Namche - on horseback, in the driving snow, one hand clasping my phone to my ear as I participated in the morning meeting and the other clutching a cigarette (of course).

Having decided that I couldn't possibly go on without damaging my back more and/or being a drag on the group, I popped over to Danphe's Bar to have a decent cup of coffee and a chat with fellow ex-pat New Yorker Sushila about where I should stay in Namche. Well, after a bit of discussion, she said "You know, I have a spare room here. You could have that in exchange for a few hours behind the bar each night.". So I asked to see the room and the deal was struck.

Personally I'm delighted. What better way to get to know the community than by working in the very heart of it?

And thus last night found me behind the bar on my trial run.

And this morning I bid farewell to my group and moved myself into the bar. Which, by the way, also offers massage and sauna. So I've had an awesome hot stone massage this morning which has helped my back enormously and my first decent meal in a week (penne with homemade pesto) and a few propositions from mountaineers fresh off of Ama Dablam (those poor guys haven't seen a woman in a month so they can be excused for throwing themselves at me).

Plus I have access to the fastest internet in Namche (not that that is saying much) which should help with managing the team.

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