Sunday, 4 November 2012

Last Minute Panic Repack

So there's been some confusion over itineraries for Gokyo Ri each of which has a knock-on affect to my planning and therefore my packing. At this point it's anyone's guess what the hell my kit list is comprised of. Have lost the will, you know? My living room is utterly festooned with colour coded and sized stuffed sacks.

Anyway, theoretically we go back to my original plan to drop caches of clothes along the way. Theoretically. Frankly I don't trust any itinerary that crosses my path right now and have probably overpacked in my resultant confusion.

So now the new (and original) itinerary is:

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel. (8/9/10 November)
Day 02: Fly to Lukla (2804m) to Phakding (2610m) / 3 hr trek / overnight stay at lodge. (Subject to weather) (11 November)
Day 03: Phakding (2610m) to Namche Bazar (3441m) / 6hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 04: A day to acclimatise in Namche Bazar, overnight at lodge.
Day 05: Namche (3441m) to Thame (3800m) / 4hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 06: Thame (3800m) to Khumjung (3780 m) / 5hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 07: Khumjung (3780 m) to Dole (4040m) / 5hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 08: Dole (4040m) to Machhermo (4470m) / 4 ½hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 09: Machhermo (4470m) to Gokyo (4790m) / 5hr trek / overnight at lodge.
Day 10: Gokyo (4790m) to Gokyo Ri (5483m) / 5hr trek / retreat to Gokyo with overnight at lodge.
Day 11: Retreat to Dole (4040m) / 5hr trek / Overnight at lodge.
Day 12: Retreat to Namche (3441m) / 5hr trek / Overnight at lodge.
Day 13: Retreat to Lukla (2804) / 6hr trek / Overnight at lodge.
Day 14: Early morning flight to Kathmandu / Overnight at hotel. (Subject to weather) (23 November)
Day 15: Transfer to airport for departure from Nepal. (Departing 25 November)

I haven't had the heart to update my Outlook calendar but in that regard there's been something of a stroke of luck and the timings are less critical now. When I was over loast year it was summertime so the time difference was 4:45 which was what I had based my assumptions on for this trek (reasonably enough), HOWEVER it turns out that Nepal does not offset an hour between summer and winter SO the new time difference is 5:45 so there should be absolutely no problems with my being off the trail and available for the morning meeting and to connect for emails during the same time that my team is in the office.

Update: I've just weighed my rucksack and it's coming in at 12.7 kilos. which is awesome because I usually pack right up to my limit. So I will have weight allowance for shopping on the way home. My daysack, which will be my carry on, only currently has my first aid kit, tent mules and map but I will be adding all my tech kit to that so in the end I should have the two adding up to the 20 kilo limit advised by the trekking company. Success!

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