Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pre-Trek in Kathmandu

So I've been palling around in Kathmandu with Anna P and Anna K, doing loads of shopping and a bit of sight-seeing. Most of the group arrived last night so we did dinner at Rum Doodle while the rest of the troupe arrived today so I subjected everyone to dinner and folkdancing at Nepali Cholu.

Meanwhile I'm on the edge of collapse already between the jetlag and the noisiness of this hotel. My room at the Tibet Guest House seems to overlook a house where they only get their water from a well with a noisy handpump plus a screaming baby and a barking dog. So I've hardly slept for 3 nights but at least we fly to Lukla in the morning and then exhaustion will shepherd Morpheus to me.

On the plus side, working remotely seems to be working well. I've got my Nepali sim (which involved a ridiculous amount of red tape including scanning my passport and visa and fingerprinting plus passport photos!) so can get patched into audio conferences and my remote office is working fine if a bit awkward. The interface is a bit fiddly on the kindle because it's so tiny. JIRA and Confluence still working fine but Monday will be the real test of those as we will be doing our big weekly catch-up and planning.

Right, I've got to go now and pack up the bits that I want to stay at the hotel and the bits that I want to have laundered while I'm away.

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