Monday, 19 November 2012

Namche Bazar - Hospital

It's been a week now and my back is still a problem and, to make matters worse, the pain has spread to my hips.

So this morning I headed up to Namche Hospital. Frustratingly the clinic is at the top of a very steep incline although there are other paths there that are less steep but not as direct. Evidently if you are really ill you must either be carried up the hill or a home visit arranged.

Anyhow, Sushila and I took the more roundabout approach, stopping at the Yeti Mountain Home hotel en route to enjoy the views with a pot of tea and some fresh butter cookies. I was then given a tour of the hotel - one of the nicest and most expensive here in Namche. Rooms are like a proper hotel and include en suite bathrooms with western toilets and the beds have electric blankets.

Anyway, we eventually crept our way to the clinic where, for a charge of $50 I saw a doctor and got some muscle relaxants prescribed.

I'm beginning to doubt whether I will have healed enough in the next few days to attempt to hike out and I certainly don't want to chance another fall and injury so I may have to make arrangements to helicopter out. I'll keep y'all posted.

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Kit Gana said...

I'm hoping you will recovery from your hip pain.

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