Saturday, 17 November 2012

Namche - continued

The feast last night was great. Hitherto I had thought that I didn't like the local food. Wrong! I just don't like shitty local food.

The starter was a lentil/garlic soup that was very tasty while the main course(s) were a spicy buffalo dish and a twce-cooked pork dish accompanied by rice and lentils and some sort of pickle. The dessert was a revelation and I must get the recipe from Sushila.

Oh wait - actually after asking her it turns out that my fave dishes were chinese and middle eastern.

Anyway, I've confirmed that whenever I'm in Namche I can stay at the bar. MUCH better than the local lodges/hotels who really have to up their game.

So at the party last night all of the great and the good of Namche attended but as in any culture the men stayed in the main room drinking and playing pool and the women convened in the kitchen to cook and gossip until they'd decided that men had had enough fun at which time they collected their menfolk.

The chanting of the monks woke me up at dawn this morning and after flirting over coffee with some trekkers I attended a small ceremony to the household god and then we were off to the market to get supplies. Today is fairly casual as we are all recovering from the party but tomorrow we'll take a walk up to the Everest View Hotel for lunch.

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