Monday, 20 June 2011


I think we should now address where, specifically, your donations will
be spent. The short answer is that, while lots of people have talked
about Heritage Lottery Fund granting £5 million to Bletchley, they
haven't talked about the fact that The Trust has to raise £2 million
themselves first.

So, having toured The Park many times, I would like to dedicate this
trek specifically to Hut 6. Hut 6 is the truly decrepit white hut that
I posted pics of last week. Back in the day though, Hut 6 is where
Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe Enigma codes were broken.

The bottom line is, we need £456k to save Hut 6.Wouldn't it be amazing
if the IT Community banded together to save this piece of history?

“Ultra shortened the war "by not less than two years and probably by four
years"; moreover, in the absence of Ultra, it is uncertain how the war would
have ended”. Sir Harry Hinsley, official historian of British
Intelligence in World War Two.

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