Thursday, 9 June 2011


It occurs to me that I've been talking a lot about the who, what, where, when and how but nothing at all about the WHY???

So, WHY am I raising money for Bletchley Park? In order to answer that, I would like to take you back through the mists of time. Back to the summer of 2008.

At that time I'd organised a picnic with some fellow friends from ACCU and their partners at Bletchley Park. It's something that we'd talked about for years and so it finally happened. Butu, while I knew that Bletchley needed money I had no idea the state that the place was in until that summer afternoon.

As I walked around this historic location, the place that can be considered the home of modern computing, I was aghast. The buildings were crumbling, often protected only by a cheap plastic tarpaulin thrown over the roof and secured with stones at the corners. I thought to myself "Oh no, no, no. Somebody ought to do something about this.". Then I thought, "I ought to do something about this!".

It especially shocked me because I and many others make some pretty good scratch in a field that owes so much to what was done at this historic site. So I think that's only right that we try to preserve this place for future generations.

And that's when and why I started raising money for Bletchley Park.

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