Sunday, 19 June 2011

Practice Run Anyone?

So plans to do a run or two up Mt. Snowdon are firming up for July 30/31. Please let me know if you want to walk up with me. Or if you want to wimp out and take the train and meet me at the top for a cup of tea. Or even if you want to meet me at the top and walk down.

More pressingly, I'm looking for accommodation for that weekend so if anyone lives in North Wales. Finances are definitely getting tight (because, of course, I'm just getting to the end of completely rebuilding my upper jaw and I can assure you that's cost me a fortune) so I asked a friend if I could use his cottage but haven't heard anything back. :-(  To be fair, I know he's switching assistants right now and things can be hectic and get lost but I'm still left without a base of operations.

OTOH, I now have so much equipment that I can probably just buy a cheapo tent and experiment with the whole sleeping bag/liner/mat arrangement at a campsite. If I do that, I will definitely hope to have company. Doing stuff like that just isn't safe for a gal on her own.

On that subject, I must confess that I'm utterly amazed that all of my kit seems to fit in my rucksack with room to spare. Modern materials are really amazing. It looks like I'll actually be able to fly out with just carry-on!


T Byro said...

I love modern materials. I remember when tents were canvas. A hell of a lot heavier. And when it rained, you had to dry them out before you packed them. Otherwise they would rot.

Asti said...

Exactly. I was thinking about the old SCA meets and how bulky everyone's stuff was.