Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mixed Bag

I have several things to talk about today.

First of all, I want to draw people's attention to a rather amusing and informative interview with the fabulous Dr. Sue Black which gives a nice overview of the history and importance of Bletchley Park.

Second, I want to thank Julie Archer of Archer-Yates Event Management for her generous donation to Bletchley. Julie and her team do great work on the ACCU spring conference and now also volunteer their time and effort to help with the ACCU/Bletchley Autumn Lectures that we put on to raise funds for BP. On that topic, I'm actively planning this year's Autumn Lecture and will make announcements on that score as soon as I return from Nepal but hold the dates of October 22 and November 12 open (we need to confirm the date with speakers).

And finally, I took a trawl through Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports at the New Exchange mall by St. Paul's today. What a rip-off! And utterly inattentive staff as well. I think I'll stick with my guy at Kathmandu thankyewverrahmuch.

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