Monday, 13 June 2011

Exciting Progress

Very exciting news today. The word is finally starting to get out. First, my father dropped a word and now the  Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics are aware of this madness and seem to approve. Hopefully they will spread the word through academia. That would be lovely. Maybe my little bro can do the same with the American Chemical Society? Not an obvious tie-in, I'll grant you but you never know. Maybe they'll ask me to conduct an experiment at Base Camp to show the difference in pressure or something. Mind you, the High Altitude Flatulence ought to cover that nicely.

Moving on...

I was also interviewed by a journalist today and will be dashing up to Bletchley tomorrow for a photo session and then lunch with Kelsey (Director of Museum Operations). I will, of course keep everyone posted as events transpire.

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