Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mystery Solved

My info pack from Really Wild Challenges is amusing. Flight to Lukla Airport is described as "exciting".  Here's an example.

When you watch this, keep in mind that the runway is only 1500ft long and is at 9100ft altitude. There's a 2000 ft drop at one end and mountainside at the other.

They also refer rather euphemistically to "long-drop" toilets. I had to look that one up because it sounded to me like I was going to have to stick my butt over the side of a mountain but I now understand it to mean an outhouse without benefit of seating. Not fun but about what I expected.

Oh, and from the Nepal Fact File:
Risks - Landslides can affect Nepal during the monsoon season., flooding can also occur causing delays to travel during the summer months. Nepal is also classed as an earthquake zone, although no major earthquake has occurred since 1934.


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