Sunday, 26 June 2011

Minor Catastrophe

My backpack was stolen last night. My brand new backpack that matched my rucksack and was rather nice. And what else did I lose? ::sigh:: Well, my wallet of course. Had to cancel ALL my cards and I won't get my replacements until I'm back in London next weekend. So I can't get any cash and I have about 30 euros . So I'll have to eat all the weird odds and ends that have accrued in the freezer and the cupboards. And I lost my British passport so I need to go to the police in the morning and make a report, then I can go to the consulate and apply for an emergency passport. I don't have any ID but at least I have bank statements and documentation from Inland Revenue to both me and my company.I also have my contract. But hey, maybe this whole digital passport thing will make the process easier.

And I've asked Richard to Fedex my US passport and my UK drivers license just in case.

But that's not all. Oh no.

This is the part that hurts the most... my new camera was in the bag. The one I bought last month for the trek. I carried it everywhere because I was still learning/experimenting with it so was taking pics all the time. With a 16Gb SD card in it.

But to make matters even worse, my mother and stepdad had just given me a Kindle 3G. It was an early birthday gift so I would have it set up and loaded by the time I head out to Nepal. I was planning to take advantage of the free data roaming from Amazon to tweet and blog and deal with email while doing the trek. I can't believe that they gave me such a nice gift and then within hours it was gone.

Thank goodness I have insurance.

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Rachael said...

Awful news, Asti. I hope you can get it all sorted out and replaced soon.